Ice Breakers

An “ice breaker” is something you say or do to help people feel comfortable. Sometimes at a party, an ice breaker can be a game that involves everyone.
Jesus often used questions as ice breakers. These questions caused His disciples to think about God and His plan for their lives. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus asked two questions. “Who do people say I am?” (verse 27) and “Who do you say I am?” (verse 29). These questions helped Jesus’ followers think about who He was.
Sometimes it is hard for us to talk to people about Jesus. Maybe we can follow Jesus’ example and start our conversation with some questions. We might ask questions like these: Do you read the Bible? Have you ever wondered about all the things God created? Do you believe in eternal life? Who do you think Jesus is?
I hope you will talk to someone about Jesus today. Ask God to help you as you share about Him.