Important to God

Many people today think that people who are old or weak or sick are not important. But in our Bible verses today, we are reminded that God thinks all people are important.
God sent Jesus to the earth to show us that we are important to Him. 1 Peter 3:18a tells us, “Christ himself suffered when he died for you, and with that one death he paid for your sins. He was not guilty, but he died for people who are guilty. He did this to bring all of you to God.” It doesn’t matter how strong you are, what color your skin is or how smart you are. God thinks you are important, and He sent Jesus to die for you!
When you see other people today, don’t judge them by the way they look or how much money they have or the kind of clothes they wear. Instead, remember that God loves them and gave His Son to die so they can have their sins forgiven and live with Him forever.