Important to God

This past summer, we had a garden. I planted all kinds of tiny seeds. And I was amazed to see that some seeds grew into small beans while other seeds grew into large watermelons. God made each seed to produce its own kind.
We can also see God’s work in the sun, moon and stars. Have you ever watched a beautiful sunrise? God made that. And He made beautiful flowers and strong, tall trees. But none of these things are most important to God.
People are most important to God. Verses 5 and 6 of our Bible Reading say, “But people are important to you! You made people almost like gods. And you crowned them with glory and honor. You put people in charge of everything you made. You put everything under their control.”
Wow! That makes me feel special to know that I am important to God. Take time today to think about how important you are to God. Then praise Him!