In Prison

Maybe there have been times in your life when you have felt like you were in prison. Maybe you were sick and could not leave your house. Instead of being thankful for time to study the Bible and pray, you complained because you couldn’t go outside.

That kind of situation reminds me of Joseph. He was falsely accused and put in prison. I am sure Joseph thought his situation was not fair. Joseph did nothing wrong, but he was still thrown into prison. But Joseph did not become discouraged and start complaining. He stayed close to God.

Because Joseph chose to obey God, God blessed him and helped him be patient. Genesis 39:21 tells us about this. “The Lord was with Joseph and continued to show his kindness to him, so the commander of the prison guards began to like Joseph.”

Bad things happen every day. Often these things are not fair. We may feel hopeless and alone. We may not be able to control our situation, but we can control the way we react. If we are like Joseph, we will not become discouraged and grumpy. Instead, we will know that God is with us. We will praise God for bringing good things from our bad experience.