In the Desert (2)

Yesterday we talked about feeling like you are in a desert place in your life. I felt like that when my boys were young. My husband and I tried to earn money to pay our bills. But it seemed that we never had enough money.
One morning I woke up feeling worried and nervous about our financial situation. I sat down at our piano and started playing hymns. I relaxed as I thought about the words that praised God. Suddenly I realized that I could give piano lessons to earn some money. I started teaching piano lessons, and the extra money was just what we needed.
In our Bible verses, Moses was in a dry desert place. God told Moses to go to Egypt and free the Israelites from slavery. Moses didn’t think he could do this. But God told Moses, “You can do it because I will be with you” (verse 12b). God was with Moses and helped him lead the Israelites out of Egypt.
God helped Moses, and He helped my family. Turn to God today and let Him help you, too.