In the Desert

Imagine you are in a desert. It is very dry. You are thirsty, but there is no water. You are hungry, but there is no food. That would be a difficult place to be.
David was in a desert when he wrote Psalm 63. It was not an easy place for him to be. But even though David was thirsty and hungry, he continued to see and praise God. In verses 3-4 David said, “Your love is better than life. My lips praise you. Yes, I will praise you in my life. In your name, I lift my arms in prayer.” That is amazing!
What about you? Maybe you are in a “desert” in your life right now. Things may be hard. You may be facing some challenges. You may be upset or depressed. What should you do?
You should be like David. Thirst and hunger for God and His Word. Seek God. Praise Him. Lift up your hands in prayer. Remember God while you are lying on your bed. Think about Him during the night. Trust God to help you get through the “deserts” in your life.