“In Your Hands”

Jesus was hanging on the cross. From about noon to 3:00, it was dark and the sun did not shine. Many people were watching Jesus. Luke 23:46 tells us what Jesus said right before He died. “Jesus shouted, ‘Father, I put my life in your hands!’ After Jesus said this, he died.” Those words are wonderful words! Jesus was saying that He had obeyed God completely and He was willing to submit to God’s plan to save people from their sins.

Many people wait until they are dying to become serious about God. When we are 12 years old, we want to play with our friends. When we are 33 years old, we want to work, make money and enjoy our families. Then, when we are dying, we are finally ready to think about God.

But waiting until we are dying to think about God is usually too late. By that time we have wasted our lives serving the devil instead of God. We have passed up many opportunities for God to bless us and for us to bless other people.

Give yourself to God today. Don’t wait a few days, a few years or until you are dying. Live for Jesus now and experience a wonderful life filled with God’s love and grace!