Sometimes I see a piece of furniture that I want. I decide to save money by buying it in a box and putting it together myself.
When I get the box home, I open it. Inside are panels of wood, nails and screws. I have no idea how it all fits together. What do I do? I read the instructions. This paper has step-by-step directions on how to put the furniture together. If I follow the instructions carefully, I will have a beautiful piece of furniture.
Being a Christian is sometimes like putting together a piece of furniture. We want to follow and obey God, but we are not sure how to do it. Verse 9 of our Bible Reading tells us how to live for God. ?How can a young person live a pure life? By following your instructions.?
But where is the instruction paper for being a Christian? You can find the instructions in the Bible. If you carefully follow God?s instructions, you will be able to live for Him every day.
Make sure that you read God?s instructions today!