Another name that people call Jesus is Intercessor. This name, like the name Redeemer, is not found in the New Testament. But it is found one time in the Old Testament.
Verse 16b of our Bible Reading says, “So the Lord used his own power and his own goodness, and the Lord saved the people.” In some Bible versions, the word Intercessor is used to explain what Jesus has done for us.
The word intercession is used in the New Testament to describe what Jesus and the Holy Spirit do for us. The word means to pray for or speak for someone else.
That is what Jesus does for us before God. He speaks for us. Jesus is our Intercessor. Jesus can do this because He knows our needs, our weaknesses and our sins. He also knows God, the Father.
It is wonderful to know that Jesus speaks for us before God, our heavenly Father!