Is God Real?

Maybe you have a friend who says that God is not real. Ask your friend these questions: Do you believe that air is real? Do you believe that gravity holds you down on the earth? Do you believe that a magnet can pick up a nail? Do you believe that germs can make you sick?
Your friend will probably answer “yes” to all these questions. Explain to your friend that he has faith that these things are real because his senses experience them. He feels the air blow on his face. He sees himself stay on the ground. He sees the magnet pick up the nail. He feels sick when germs enter his body.
We believe that God is real for the same reason — our senses can experience Him. We see and touch the things God has created, and we feel the wind, rain and sun on our skin.
Peter reminds us in our Bible verses that Jesus is real even though we cannot see Him. We can feel Jesus’ love and joy today