Isaiah wrote many prophecies about Jesus. He also wrote many things about the Holy Spirit. Isaiah wrote that God’s Spirit inspired him to prophesy (Isaiah 48:16; 61:1). He told about how the people of Israel and Judah ignored God’s Spirit (Isaiah 30:1) and how they made the Spirit sad (Isaiah 63:10). Isaiah wrote about how God would send His Spirit to His people (Isaiah 32:15-16; 44:3; 59:21). He also wrote about how the Spirit would give power to the Messiah (Isaiah 11:1-2; 42:1).
The Holy Spirit inspired Isaiah to write many things that applied not only to the time he lived, but also to the time in the future when Jesus would come. Jesus and the apostles quoted many verses from Isaiah’s writings. Because Isaiah allowed the Spirit to work through him, God used Isaiah powerfully during his life. And God is still using Isaiah’s words today.
This can be a good lesson for us today. When we obey God and allow God’s Spirit to work through us, He will use us in ways we could never even imagine.