It’s Not Fair!

Our Bible verses today were written by a man named Asaph. In these verses he talked about people who did not follow God.
Asaph said that these people had an easy life and didn’t have any troubles (verses 4-5). They had jewels and fancy clothes (verse 6). Asaph was jealous of these people. He was saying, “God, it’s not fair!”
But then in verse 17, Asaph said that he went to the temple. This experience helped him understand that he had something even greater than wealth or fame. He had God’s love and protection forever! Asaph decided that those people who have everything on earth, but do not know God, will have nothing in the end.
Sometimes we may be tempted to envy people who have wealth and popularity. But Christians have what is really important. We have Jesus as our Savior and the promise of eternal life with God. Which will you choose today — to have many things or to have a place in God’s kingdom?