One of the headlines in today’s newspaper is about a lottery jackpot of more than $579 million. Millions of people stood in line for hours to buy lottery tickets. This shows me how “money-centered” our world is!
Our Bible verses were written by King Solomon thousands of years ago. He may have been the wealthiest person who has ever lived. Solomon had everything he could ever want.
Even though Solomon had great wealth, he said, “Those who love money will never be satisfied with the money they have” (verse 10a). Then in verse 12, Solomon added, “Those who work hard all day come home and sleep in peace…the rich worry about their wealth and are not able to sleep.”
We might dream about having great wealth, but Solomon experienced it. His conclusion was that wealth brings sadness, sorrow, trouble, sickness and anger (verse 17). So don’t focus on gathering more money and possessions. Instead, focus on God and serving Him.