James, Son of Alphaeus

The New Testament does not tell us much about James, son of Alphaeus. Some Bible translations call him “James, the less.” This may mean that he was younger than the other apostle named James.
Many people believe James’ mother was Mary, a faithful follower of Jesus. Mary was one of the women standing at the cross when Jesus died. She also saw the empty tomb after Jesus’ resurrection. In Acts 1:13-14 James is listed as one of the apostles meeting in the upstairs room.
Even though James is not mentioned much in the Bible, we do know that he was a faithful follower of Jesus. James was one of the twelve men who were chosen to start God’s church.
Maybe you feel that you are not important in the church. Maybe you think you have no special talents. But don’t forget that God knows you and sees everything you do. He will reward you for your faithfulness.