Think about the word ?jealousy.? Is jealousy something good or bad? Probably most people would say that jealousy is bad. But sometimes jealousy is a good thing ? if it is used in the right way.
In our Bible Reading today, we read that God?s people, the Israelites, worshiped false gods. God said that He was jealous of these gods. He did not want the Israelites to worship gods made of wood and stone. God wanted His people to worship only Him.
God used prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah to tell the Israelites how much He loved them. God wanted His people to come back and worship Him again. God wanted the Israelites to remember that He made them to serve Him.
Sometimes we make a person or a thing more important than God. Remember that God is jealous. He wants us to have a right relationship with Him. God wants us to worship only Him.