Jehoiada’s Plan

While Athaliah was the queen, Jehoiada kept Joash hidden in the temple for six years. In the seventh year, Jehoiada decided to make Joash king of Judah. Jehoiada made a plan with the priests, army officers and other leaders. They decided they would make Joash king in the temple. And, they would protect Joash from Athaliah. These men decided they would kill any person who tried to stop Joash from being the king.
Jehoiada knew that God had promised to have someone from the family line of David as king of Judah. He knew it was important to make Joash the king. Why? Because that is what God wanted. Jehoiada also knew it would be best for the people to stop Athaliah from being the queen.
Athaliah was from the family of Ahab. She followed their way of disobeying God and worshiping idols. But Joash was raised in the temple. He was not influenced by Athaliah. Jehoiada taught Joash to obey God. Jehoiada knew that the people would follow Joash and stop worshiping idols.