Jeremiah (1)

Imagine that God gives you a message to share with other people. God speaks to you with His voice or signs His message. That would be wonderful! But what if His message was something that people did not want to pay attention to?
If this happened to you, maybe you would feel that you were not smart enough to deliver God’s message. Maybe you would be afraid that the people would not accept your message.
In our Bible Reading today, God called Jeremiah to be His messenger. These verses can teach us several things about God. First, we learn that God gives us strength. Even when something seems impossible, God can help us do it. Next, we learn that God has a purpose for everything He asks us to do. He knows the future, and He wants each of us to be part of His plan. Finally, we learn that God’s Word is always true.
Maybe God will lead you to do something for Him today. I hope you will serve like Jeremiah did.