Jeremiah (2)

The book of Jeremiah talks a lot about God’s judgment. Many times God spoke through Jeremiah to the people of Israel. God spoke about their sinful lives and their unfaithful hearts.
God is always very sad when He sees His people sinning. In verse 13 of our Bible Reading, God showed two things that the people of Israel had done. First, these people rejected God (“the spring of living water”). Second, they replaced God with false gods (“dug their own water cisterns”).
One time I drank water from a clear mountain stream. That was the sweetest water I have ever tasted. Since that time, other water cannot truly satisfy my thirst. In the same way, only God can satisfy our spiritual hunger. False gods cannot do this.
Maybe you do not worship idols. But maybe you have made something (your money, your house, your family) more important than God. Decide today to make God most important in your life.