Jeremiah (4)

The people of Israel paid attention to false prophets again. These prophets said things that the people wanted to hear. These prophets said: “Don’t pay attention to Jeremiah. There won’t be any more wars! You don’t have any problems with sin. Enjoy your life. Eat, drink, be happy and do whatever you want to do!”
God was very angry with these false prophets. They told lies to the Israelites. These prophets led the people to sin more and more. But the worst thing was that the Israelites did not have true peace and rest when they paid attention to the false prophets.
Our Bible Reading today is part of God’s message to the Israelites. This message was: “Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask where the old road is. Ask where the good road is, and walk on that road” (verse 16b). In this verse God told the Israelites to go back to following Him again. That is the only way they could find rest and peace.
This message is for us today, too. The only way we can have peace and rest is to follow God.