Jeremiah (5)

I remember the words of a children’s song: “Nobody likes me! Everybody hates me! I guess I’ll go eat worms.” Usually people sing this song when they are sad and feeling sorry for themselves.
In the first few verses of our Bible Reading today, Jeremiah seems to be feeling sorry for himself. Many people call Jeremiah the “weeping prophet.” Why? Because he gave sad news to the people. Also, Jeremiah suffered a lot. Several times he was almost killed because he was preaching God’s message.
In verses 12 through 14, God talked to Jeremiah. Then in verse 15, Jeremiah remembered that he was not alone. Jeremiah praised God. In verse 20b, God said to Jeremiah,
“The people of Judah will fight against you. But they will not defeat you. They will not defeat you. Why? Because I am with you. I will help you and I will save you.”
Maybe you are facing problems and feeling sorry for yourself today. Remember that God has promised to never leave you alone (Hebrews 13:5b).