Jeremiah (7)

Jeremiah complained to God again. The people had made fun of Jeremiah and God’s message. Jeremiah complained, and then he remembered that God was with him.
One verse in our Bible Reading is very interesting. While Jeremiah was complaining to God, he said (verse 9b), “…the Lord’s message is like a fire burning inside of me! It feels like it is burning in my bones! I get tired of trying to hold the Lord’s message inside of me. And finally, I am not able to hold it in.”
All around the world today there are people who are punished or killed because they tell people about Jesus. These people are like Jeremiah. They don’t want to face punishment or death, but God’s message is burning inside them. These people boldly say, “I will not stop talking about Jesus, no matter what you do to me!”
Maybe today your friends will tease you because you follow Jesus. Will you be like Jeremiah and continue to share God’s love?