Jeremiah (9)

The book of Jeremiah tells us many things about God. God knows everything, and He is everywhere. There is no place where we can hide from God.
In our Bible Reading today, we read that God was very angry with the false prophets. These men were leading people away from God’s truth. Verses 23 and 24 say, “‘I am God, and I am always near!’ This message is from the Lord. ‘I am not far away! A person might try to hide from me in some hiding place. But it is easy for me to see him. Why? Because I am everywhere in heaven and earth!’ The Lord said these things.”
Sometimes we do things that do not please God. Maybe we even try to hide from Him. But we should remember that we cannot hide from God. We need to tell God what we have done wrong, and God will forgive our sins. Then we won’t need to try to hide from God.
Don’t be like these false prophets who tried to hide from God. Always try to do things that please God.