Jesus (2)

Have you ever watched a royal ceremony from England on TV? The queen always wears a crown on these special occasions. A crown is a sign of authority and power. A crown like this is usually made of gold and decorated with jewels.
In our Bible verses today, Jesus entered Jerusalem. The people were excited to see Him. They worshiped and praised Him. But these people did not really understand why Jesus came to earth. They expected Him to overthrow the Romans and establish an earthly kingdom where He would sit on a throne and wear a crown. But that was not God’s plan for His Son.
Jesus is truly a king. The book of Revelation describes how Jesus is the King of a heavenly kingdom. If we obey Jesus and allow Him to rule our lives, we will share in His kingdom.
Is Jesus the King of your life? Take time today to think about what it will be like to live with Him forever.