Jesus (3)

In Bible times, people did not wear shoes like we wear today. Their shoes were like sandals. When they walked on dusty roads, their feet became very dirty. It was a custom to wash people’s feet when they came to visit. I am sure that washing people’s feet was not a pleasant job!
In our Bible story today, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. He knew He would die soon and leave the earth. Jesus wanted to teach His dicisples important things for them to remember. Jesus did not wash their feet just to get their feet clean. He did it to show His disciples that they should be humble like a servant. Jesus is God’s Son, but He was willing to do a dirty job like washing feet!
Sometimes we may be tempted to act proud and think that we are better than other people. We need to remember Jesus’ example of humility. We need to serve others like Jesus did.
Think how you can be a servant to someone today.