Jesus (4)

The Bible describes many Jewish ceremonies. Some of these ceremonies required drinking a cup of wine. Accepting and drinking a cup of wine showed commitment or a promise.
In our Bible Reading for today, Jesus shared the Passover meal with His disciples. Jesus knew that this was the last time He would celebrate this meal with them. When Jesus took the cup and drank from it, He was promising to follow God’s plan for Him. God’s plan was for Him to die. Jesus was willing to accept what God wanted Him to do. Jesus was willing to die for our sins!
What does God have planned for your life? Are you willing to serve as part of a ministry in your church? Are you willing to be a faithful marriage partner and a good parent to your children? Are you willing to share the Good News with your neighbors?
Think about Jesus and His willingness to do whatever God wanted Him to do. Then promise to serve and obey God every day.