Jesus (6)

I remember a Christmas gift exchange when I was in the third grade. One boy received a pair of mittens as his gift. The rest of the class got toys, games or books. Some of the children started making fun of the boy and his mittens. They teased him and called him names. Finally, he started crying and ran out of the classroom!
Have you ever felt ashamed or embarrassed like that little boy? Today’s Bible verses tell us about a time when people made fun of Jesus. The soldiers made a crown of thorns for His head. They teased Jesus and spit on Him. Finally, they killed Him!
Jesus suffered more than any embarrassment we might face here on earth. He did that for us. Why? Because He loves us so much! Jesus was willing to endure pain so that we can have our sins forgiven. He died so that we can live forever with Him.
Praise God that Jesus was willing to be our sacrifice.