Jesus (7)

Many stories tell about a king and ordinary people. The ordinary people worship the king and do many things for the king. The king even sends people to fight a war. Some of the people die for the king. These people believe they belong to the king.
In verse 18 of our Bible Reading today, the Jews made fun of Jesus and called Him “king of the Jews.” As a Christian, I know that Jesus is truly my King. He is much more important than all the kings in all the books I have read. Jesus is the best king. Why? Because He died for us. Jesus gave up His life so we can have eternal life with Him.
Jesus also tells the truth. Because Jesus tells the truth, I trust Him. Jesus is perfect! He has never sinned or done anything wrong. Jesus is the best King to follow.
Is Jesus your King? Are you willing to obey and serve Him? Do you worship Him? Are you willing to die for Him? Give your life to King Jesus and follow Him every day!