Jesus (7)

I used to live in upstate New York where the soil is very rocky. We had to work hard to clear land for a garden. Often we would see a small stone on the surface of the ground. When we tried to remove it, we would discover that it really was a huge stone. Most of the stone was buried under the dirt.
A large stone covered the entrance to the tomb where Jesus was buried. It was so large that it couldn’t be lifted — it had to be rolled in front of the opening. Pilate ordered guards to stay at the tomb. He knew that people had said Jesus would rise again. Pilate wanted to make sure that no one could come and steal Jesus’ body.
But nothing could keep Jesus in the tomb! Not a huge stone! Not even Pilate’s guards! It was God’s plan for Jesus to rise from the dead. This showed the world that Jesus had power over death. Only the Son of God could give up His life and then rise from the dead.
Thank God today for Jesus and His power over death!