Jesus as a Boy (2)

Today we will continue to talk about the time Jesus was at the temple. The religious teachers were amazed at how much Jesus knew. “Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and wise answers” (verse 47).
Jesus said it was important for Him to “be where my Father’s work is” (verse 49b). His words make me wonder what is important to us. What do we do with our time? How much time do we spend learning about God? If it is important for us to learn about God, we need to make it a priority in our lives.
People who are learning how to be a doctor or a lawyer spend many years studying. If God and His Word are important to us, we need to spend time reading the Bible. We can read the Bible alone or join in a group Bible study.
What is important in your life today? How much time will you spend learning about God?