Jesus’ Birth (1)

Today and for the next four days, we will look at what the New Testament tells us about Jesus’ birth. Each day we will learn about the people who are part of this wonderful story. Today we will talk about Jesus, God’s Son.
Jesus is the most important character in this story. The Old Testament prophets said that Jesus would be born someday. The angels announced His birth to the shepherds. Both rich people and poor people worshiped Jesus.
In our Bible Reading today, we learn about Jesus’ name. His name tells us why He came to earth – to save us from the punishment for our sins. This is what makes Christianity a special religion. Many religions are only a set of rules. But we need more than rules. We need someone who was willing to die for us. Jesus is that person. Without Jesus, we have no hope of eternal life with God.
It is good for us to remember the story about Jesus’ birth all year long, not just at Christmastime. Every day we should praise His wonderful name!