Jesus’ Birth (5)

Our Bible Reading today tells us what happened after the wise men left Bethlehem. This is the sad part of the story about Jesus’ birth.
The angels, shepherds and wise men were happy that Jesus was born. But King Herod was afraid that Jesus would grow up and become king instead of him. So Herod ordered that all the baby boys two years old and younger be killed. But God took care of Jesus. In a dream, God told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt. King Herod was not able to kill baby Jesus.
Herod was not the only one who wanted Jesus to die. The devil wanted Jesus to die, too. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, a war has been happening between God and the devil, between good and bad. Years later, Jesus died on the cross. But He did not stay dead. Jesus became alive again. That was God’s wonderful plan.
You are part of God’s wonderful plan, too. God wants you to accept Jesus as your Savior and live forever with Him.