Jesus Came*

At this time of the year, we remember that Jesus came to earth. Some people call the four weeks before Christmas “Advent.” Advent means “to come.”
It is interesting to study what Jesus said about His coming to earth. Some of the things Jesus said are strange. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus said, “I came to bring a sword…”
We usually think at Christmastime about Jesus bringing peace to people, not a sword! Jesus did come to the earth to bring peace, but He also said that He came to “divide the world” (Luke 12:51). People who follow Jesus have peace in their hearts. But people who do not follow Jesus are separated from Jesus’ followers. Even members of some families are separated from each other. Why? Because some family members believe in Jesus and others do not believe in Him.
If you are a Christian, remember to always stand strong for Jesus – even if other people do not agree with you!