Jesus Chooses 12

Many people followed Jesus. Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus prayed to God all night. Then Jesus chose twelve men to be His special helpers. These helpers are sometimes called apostles. These men worked with Jesus for three years. They learned from His teaching and watched Jesus do many miracles. Then these twelve men helped establish God’s church on earth.
Who were these apostles? They were ordinary men. Most of them came from the lower class and were uneducated. These men were not perfect — each man had weaknesses. But Jesus chose these men to be the foundation of the church.
For the next twelve days we will read about these apostles. We will learn what they did when they were with Jesus. But most important, we will see that they dedicated their lives to telling people about Jesus.
Jesus’ apostles were willing to give up their lives for God. Praise God for these ordinary men who loved God so much!