Jesus’ Command

During His three years of ministry, Jesus taught and counseled a small group of men. Our Bible verses today tell us that the time had come when Jesus was ready to leave the earth.
Jesus gave His disciples one last important command. He said, “Go everywhere in the world. Tell the Good News to everyone. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. But those who do not believe will be judged guilty” (verses 15b-16). After Jesus said these words, He was carried up into heaven.
Jesus wanted His followers to share the news about salvation with other people so they could become Christians. Then these new Christians were to share with even more people. Jesus’ command is for us today, too. We need to be talking about Jesus with our family members, friends and coworkers.
Are you obeying Jesus’ command? Ask Him to help you find someone today that needs to know about His love and salvation.