Jesus’ Death

The movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” shows Jesus’ death very clearly. It was hard for me to watch the movie. But the movie made me realize that Jesus’ death was very cruel and violent.
The soldiers nailed Jesus’ hands and feet to the cross with large metal spikes (nails). Jesus hung on the cross for more than three hours, and then He died. Crucifixion was a terrible way to die. The Romans only crucified people who were slaves or the worst criminals. Jesus did not deserve to die this way. But Jesus was willing to die and accept the punishment for the sins of all people – people in the past, people today and people in the future. Jesus died because He loves us. It is hard to imagine that kind of love!
Most of us will never be killed because of our faith in Jesus. But we must be willing to give up things that we want so we can follow Jesus. We must also be willing to suffer persecution (having people do bad things to us because of our faith). Our suffering is small compared to Jesus’ great love.