Jesus Healed (2)

Our Bible verses today tell us about more people that Jesus healed. On a Sabbath day (a special day for Jews to rest and honor God), Jesus met a man with a crippled hand. Jesus healed the man and his “hand became well again” (verse 13b). But the Jewish leaders criticized Jesus for healing someone on the Sabbath. Jesus answered them (verse 12b), “So the law of Moses allows people to do good things on the Sabbath day.”
Verses 22 and 23 tell us about a man who was blind and could not talk. Why? Because “he had a demon inside him” (verse 22b). Jesus healed the man, and then he could talk and see. The people who saw this were amazed. They said (verse 23b), “Maybe this man (Jesus) is the Son of David that God promised to send us!”
Some people believed that Jesus was God’s Son. Other people criticized Him and wanted to kill Him. It is the same today. Some people will accept Jesus and others will reject Him. But we need to keep on sharing the Good News with everyone. Tell them about Jesus’ great power.