Jesus’ Help

Jesus’ followers were in a boat on the lake. The wind was blowing hard. Then Jesus came to them, walking on the water. When the followers first saw Him, they thought Jesus was a ghost. They were frightened!
Jesus told them to not be afraid. Then Peter asked Jesus if he could walk to Him on the water. Peter got out of the boat and started walking to Jesus. But Peter looked at the water and the waves. “He was afraid and began sinking into the water” (verse 30b). So Jesus reached out and helped Peter.
When Peter began to sink, Jesus could have calmed the waves so Peter wouldn’t be afraid. Instead, Jesus “caught Peter with his hand” (verse 31a) and helped him into the boat. Sometimes we face scary things, too. Jesus does not always take them away. Instead, He helps us face our problems and worries.
Are you facing problems today? No matter what your problems are, don’t forget that Jesus will be with you. He will stay close to you and help you.