Jesus in the Garden

After Jesus ate with His disciples, He went to a garden to pray and think about His death. An angel came to help Jesus and give Him strength. In our Bible Reading, Luke wrote (verse 44b), “Sweat dripped from his [Jesus’] face like he was bleeding.” This shows us that Jesus was human and that He was under great stress. But Jesus chose to obey God’s plan anyway. This shows that Jesus was divine (God), too.
Jesus told His disciples to wait while He prayed, but they fell asleep. After Jesus awakened the disciples for the last time, the Jewish leaders came to arrest Jesus. But Jesus did not resist; He went willingly.
Verse 50 says, “And one of the followers did use his sword. He cut off the right ear of the servant of the high priest.” John 18:10 tells us that this disciple was Peter. Because of this, the soldiers could have arrested the disciples, too. But “Jesus touched the servant’s ear and healed him” (verse 51b).
All of these things that happened in the garden show us Jesus’ great love for all people. Praise God that Jesus was willing to suffer for us!