Jesus is Calling You

Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus saw Peter (Simon) and his brother, Andrew. Jesus said to them, “Come and follow me. I will make you a different kind of fishermen. You will work to gather people, not fish” (verse 17b).
Jesus called Peter and Andrew, and they followed Him. Today people say, “I wish that Jesus would call me to follow Him like He called His disciples.” My reply to that is, “Jesus is calling you to follow Him.”
Jesus speaks to us today through His Word, the Bible. We can read the Bible and learn how we can follow Him. Jesus also speaks to us through other Christians. We see their example or pay attention to their teaching. Then we want to follow Jesus.
Jesus is calling you today. He wants you to give up your life of sin. Jesus wants you to live a pure life. And, He calls you to be a true servant.
Pay attention to Jesus today. He is calling you to follow and obey Him.