Jesus is Coming

I LOVE to read the book of 1 Thessalonians! This book, like the book of Revelation, explains that Christians have a wonderful and victorious future. My favorite part of 1 Thessalonians is chapter 4, verses 13-17. Those verses tell that Jesus is coming again and that He will take Christians home to heaven with Him.
Then verse 18 says, “comfort one another with these words” (King James translation). Those words (verses 13-17) do give us comfort. I know that Jesus will return to take me home. That makes me satisfied, even if I face problems in life.
“Comfort” could also be translated “consolation” or “patience.” All three words are correct. When I hurt, I remember that Jesus will take me to where there is no more pain (Revelation 21:4). That comforts me. When I am sad, I remember that there is no sorrow in heaven. That gives me consolation. When I am impatient, I think about Revelation 22:5. This verse teaches that I will “rule like kings for ever and ever.” In heaven, I will certainly have enough time to be patient!
Yes, Jesus is coming again. That will be a horrible time for people who do not believe in Him. But it will be a glorious time for Christians.