Jesus is God’s Son

Saul was a Jewish man who loved God. But he did not believe that Jesus was God’s Son. So Saul did bad things to people who followed Jesus.
Acts, chapter 9, tells us that Jesus talked to Saul. After that experience, Saul knew for sure that Jesus was God’s Son. Verse 20 tells us that then Saul started telling other people, “Jesus is the Son of God!”
The rest of the book of Acts tells us about Saul’s ministry. Even though he was beaten and put in jail, he continued to tell people about Jesus. Why did Saul do this? Because he was convinced that Jesus was God’s Son and that He offers salvation to all people.
Saul knew that God sent Jesus to die for his sins. Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins, too? Then be like Saul — share that message of hope with people you meet today.