Jesus is Near

Imagine that you are a fisherman. Every day you look at the water that surrounds your boat. Sometimes the water is calm. Other times there are waves on the water. Now imagine that a storm is coming. It is windy and the waves are becoming bigger. Then you see a man walking to you on the water! Would you be afraid? I think I would be very afraid!
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus walked on the water to His followers. And they were afraid! But when Jesus spoke to the followers, they were happy He was with them. Their fear disappeared. Then the followers believed that Jesus could really walk on water.
Sometimes we have “storms” in our life. These storms may be sickness or death or financial problems. When these things happen, we need to have Jesus close to us. And we need to have faith that Jesus can help us face those problems in life.
Maybe you have some “storms” in your life today. Jesus wants to help you. Depend on Him to take care of you.