Jesus is the King

Jesus taught and healed people for three years. Many people knew and loved Jesus. Our Bible Reading today tells about when Jesus rode a donkey into the city of Jerusalem. At that time, kings rode donkeys in times of peace. Kings rode horses when they went to war.
Jesus came to earth to bring us spiritual peace. He did not come to have an army and set up a kingdom. But many of Jesus’ followers did not understand. They thought that Jesus had come to be a king on earth.
The day when Jesus entered Jerusalem was a day of celebration. The people said that Jesus was a king and a prophet. They worshiped Jesus and gave honor to Him. Probably this praise encouraged Jesus to continue His work that week before His death.
The crowds in Jerusalem showed Jesus that they loved Him. Do you show Jesus that you love Him? We show our love through worship every Sunday. But we need to praise and honor Jesus every day of the week.