Jesus’ Life (3)

1476514800I have a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that was passed down to me from my great-grandma. I have made these cookies so many times that now I have the recipe memorized.
But I have learned that I should never miss one single ingredient of the recipe. If I do, the cookies will turn out differently than my great-grandma’s cookies. If I follow the recipe exactly, I know that the cookies will be delicious!
Our Bible Reading today tells us about Jesus’ baptism. In verse 15 Jesus said, “We should do whatever God says is right.” Jesus wanted to obey God and do what is right. Why? Because He wanted to please God. This is a good example for us. We should always try to do what is right.
I am careful to follow my grandma’s cookie recipe. In the same way, we should be careful to study the Bible and follow God’s plan for our lives.