Jesus’ Life (4)

1476601200If you walk around a shopping mall, you may see ads for different products sold in the mall. We may ignore some ads, but others might catch our eye. These ads may tempt us to buy things we can’t afford or we don’t need.
In our Bible verses today, the devil tempted Jesus. The devil wanted Jesus to fail and disobey God. But Jesus was able to resist all the temptations presented by the devil. Each time Jesus was tempted, He said, “No!”
How was Jesus able to do this? He relied on God’s Word to help Him. Each time Jesus was tempted, He quoted verses from the Bible. Jesus set a good example for us. We, too, can resist temptations by using God’s Word.
Maybe the devil will tempt you to sin today. When that happens, pray to God and read God’s words in the Bible. Then thank God for His help and His strength!