Jesus’ Life (8)

1476946800Roman soldiers took Jesus to a place called Golgotha. There they nailed Jesus to a cross.
When Jesus was on the cross, many people walked by and shouted insults at Him. Priests, teachers of the law and Jewish leaders made fun of Jesus. Some of these people said (verse 40b), “So save yourself! Come down from that cross if you really are the Son of God!” And the criminals on the other crosses insulted Jesus, too.
Even though people insulted Jesus, He did not become angry. Jesus didn’t talk back to the people. He didn’t seek revenge. Why? Because Jesus knew He had to die so our sins could be forgiven. Jesus knew God’s great plan for saving us!
When you follow Jesus, other people may insult you. What will you do? Will you become angry, talk back or seek revenge? Be like Jesus. Trust God. Be thankful that He has forgiven your sins and has a plan for you. Pray for other people, too, that they will believe in Jesus and follow Him.