Jesus’ Love

Paul wrote these verses in Ephesians about love. When someone says or signs “love,” what do you think about? I think about Jesus. He loves me so much! But maybe you think about loving other people. Or maybe you think about how you feel when someone loves you.
Jesus is the perfect example of love. Jesus died for us! Can you imagine dying for another person? Jesus didn’t die only for good people – He died for bad people, too. I think it would be hard to die for a bad person. But that is what He did.
Jesus loves us and wants us to be with Him forever. He doesn’t want us to be separated from God after we die. Jesus died on the cross so that God would forgive our sins. While Jesus was on the cross, He was in terrible pain. People teased Him and spat on Him. But He accepted all this because He loves us!
In verse 18b of our Bible Reading, Paul said, “I pray that you can understand how wide and how long and how deep that love is.” Jesus’ love is really big! Accept His love and share it with other people.