Jesus’ Miracles (3)

The man in our Bible Reading today was paralyzed (couldn’t walk). This man had some wonderful friends. These friends had faith that Jesus could heal the man. So they carried their friend to the house where Jesus was teaching. There were so many people in the house that the men could not get close to Jesus. The men carried the man to the top of the house and lowered him down through a hole in the roof. When Jesus saw the men’s faith, He healed the paralyzed man.
Jesus also told the man that his sins were forgiven. This really bothered the Jewish leaders. They said, “Only God can forgive sins” (verse 21b). These Jewish leaders refused to believe that Jesus was truly God’s Son. They could not accept the truth about Jesus.
Sometimes my own ideas keep me from believing the truth. I close my mind to things that will help me. But if I really want to know the truth, I must be willing to search for answers in God’s Word, the Bible. Then I need to ask God to help me accept the truth.