Jesus’ Miracles (4)

In our Bible Reading today, Jesus met a blind man. Jesus’ followers asked, “…whose sin made him be born blind? His own sin, or his parents’ sin?” (verse 2b). Jesus said in verse 3b, “This man was born blind so that God could use him to show what great things God can do.”
In the time that Jesus lived on earth, people thought that physical handicaps were caused by someone’s sin. That’s why Jesus’ followers asked the question about the blind man. Not all physical handicaps happen because of sin. But sometimes a person’s sin can cause handicaps. For example, a baby might be born handicapped because the mother used drugs. Or a person might become handicapped because they were injured by a drunk driver.
Jesus healed the blind man. Jesus is not here on earth to do a miracle and remove our handicaps today. But you can still serve Him even if you do have a handicap. If you are deaf, you can still serve God. If you are blind or in a wheelchair, you can serve God. Look for ways to serve Him today.