Jesus’ Miracles (5)

A woman came to Jesus. She had been sick for a long time. No doctors could heal her. The woman was very brave. At that time, the Jews thought it was wrong for a woman to come close to a man in public. But the woman followed Jesus and touched His coat. Why was the woman willing to do this?
First, the woman was desperate. She had been sick for many years, and she wanted to be well again. Second, she trusted Jesus to help her with her physical problem. Verse 28 of our Bible Reading says, “The woman thought, ‘If I can touch his clothes, that will be enough to heal me.'” The woman did not doubt that Jesus could heal her.
When the woman touched Jesus’ coat, she was healed. Her physical problem was gone. She must have been very happy to be well again. Also, I think that her faith in Jesus and her love for Him grew that day.
Jesus said in the Bible that He loves us and will save us if we follow Him. We should have faith like this woman had. We should trust Jesus to do what He said He will do.